ANIMALS THAT ARE ALLOWED: Service dogs or miniature horses and support animals. Only people with disabilities, as defined by federal or state law, may bring their animal and only if it helps them with their disability.

ASSISTIVE ANIMAL CHECK-IN: At each entrance, animals and their handlers must check in with and be screened by security. A band will be applied to the animal’s leash, harness, or carrier showing that it has gone through check-in. Handlers need not fear the check-in process. It will be conducted with respect and understanding and once your animal has received the tag indicating it has been screened, staff are not likely to question you again unless the animal causes a problem. Those bringing pets will be turned away.

REQUIREMENTS: The animal and handler must adhere to the following conditions or staff will have the handler remove the animal from the site. We ask that the animal be taken somewhere safe and not left in a vehicle. The handler may return without the animal.

1. The animal must be well behaved and must not be disruptive or threaten the health or safety of any person or other animal. 2. The animal must be under the control of and by the handler’s side at all times. 3. Animals must be housebroken and the handler must pick up after the animal (persons who are blind are exempt from this requirement).

SERVICE ANIMALS IN TRAINING: Per California law, a trainer or person with a disability may bring his or her dog that is in training to be a guide, signal or service dog. The person shall ensure that the dog is on leash and tagged as a guide dog, signal dog, or service dog by an identification tag issued by the county clerk or animal control department. In addition, the person shall be liable for any provable damage done to the premises or facilities by his or her dog.

SPECIAL NOTE: We have been advised that young puppies do not yet have the maturity to attend an event like this. Service animals in training should be advanced enough in their training to handle an event as intense as Outside Lands.

STILL THINKING OF BRINGING YOUR PET? If you fraudulently represent yourself as being the owner or trainer of a guide, signal, or service dog, you are guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment and/or fine. A festival is crowded, noisy, confusing, and can be stressful for animals. If an animal is lost in the crowd of thousands of people, we don’t know if you will find it again or who will take it home. If an animal causes injury or death of any guide, signal, or service dog, the handler or owner may be ordered to make restitution for any veterinary bills and/or replacement costs of that dog. Service animals can be valued at many thousands of dollars.

YOUR ANIMAL, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Anyone bringing an animal to Outside Lands will be responsible for and liable for any damage or injury caused by the animal.

HOW MAY WE ASSIST YOU? Anyone who has questions or needs regarding their service or support animal may write to or stop by the Access Center during the festival. Remember, we welcome people with disabilities and their service and support animals! Dog waste bags are available at the Access Center.